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The shrine of Imam Ali ibn Musa Reza (peace be upon him) Iran .. Mashhad Photography Rasoul Ali مرقد الامام علي بن موسى الرضا (عليه السلام) ايران .. مشهد تصوير رسول علي

A man complained to the Prophet (peace be upon him) about the harshness of his own heart. So the prophet (peace be upon him) told him: 'If you want to soften your heart, then feed a poor person and rub the head of an orphan.'


Jabir narrated that : the Messenger of Allah said: “There is none who utters a supplication, except that Allah gives him what he asked, or prevents evil from him that is equal to it – as long as he does not supplicate for something evil, or the cutting of ties of the womb.” Reference : Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3381 In-book reference : Book 48, Hadith 12 English translation : Vol. 6, Book 45, Hadith 3381


#Hadith of the Day: Narrated By Anas ibn Malik: The #Prophet (peace be upon him) said: When I was taken up to heaven I passed by people who had nails of copper and were scratching their faces and their breasts. I said: Who are these people, G...abriel? He replied: They are those who were given to back biting and who aspersed people's honour. [Sunan Abi Dawd: 4878] Please share this important #Hadith.


Adhering to the Sunnah During Times of Evil


The biggest sign that you love Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) is that you choose his Sunnah over your desires. [Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him)]