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A lovely book of essays by an Amish farmer whose lifestyle allows him to take time to observe all the life on his farm, from the livestock to the birds and animals that live in the rich boarders of his naturally tended farm. Kline is a born naturalist with a rich knowledge of the well-balanced ecosystem that surrounds him. Without intending to, he makes his life enviable. He feeds the rural agrarian dream that so many of us harbor. His simple style creates peace-of-mind while reading, so the…

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Go In Peace: An Essay on the War on Terror

peace-dove- "The Holy Spirit is a living gift of energy to comfort, strengthen and heal, Sweet Holy Spirit".


National Peace Essay Contest for High School Students - This is a perfect opportunity for Manchester University's Peace Studies majors and fits in with our commitment to peace and social justice.

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15 Books for Yoga Teachers

Reading is an exploratory learning tool that can teach, heal, and enlighten. Novels can send a person on an adventure and travel back in time, whereas scientific books, essays, or journals relay factual information in particular areas of study. Spiritual or religious works touch at the depths of the soul delivering instructive ways to find peace in times of need. Reading materials of any kind offer the possibility to escape and most importantly broaden one’s scope of knowledge.


National Peace Essay Contest | United States Institute of Peace: Fantastic college scholarship for high school students including homeschoolers. Up to 53 winners with the top scholarship award of $10,000. Winners are also invited to Washington DC for an award ceremony.