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Shalom (peace) in Hebrew actually means: To Destroy the Authority Attached to Chaos. - When the Messiah returns to do this then we will have Peace or Shalom!


A strange passion is moving in my head ~ My Heart has become a bird, which searches in the sky ~ every part of me goes in different directions ~ Is it really so, that the one ILove is everywhere? ༺❁༻ Rumi


Understanding and accepting people as they are is one of the most important aspects in a persons life, however, it may not be the easiest to do. For me, allowing any kind of stereotyping in my classroom is a mistake on my part. I want my students to know that it's okay to be different, that is what makes us the same. I do not only want my students to understand this, I want them to believe it.


KUnf*ckwithable (Adj) When you're truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. Amen!!

from Jellibean Journals

Clothespin Activities for Toddlers

Same basic activity, but made novel by using different materials (leaf shapes in fall colors).


This is why so many people are scared of "feminism." Not because they hate women but because they fear man haters. Some self proclaimed feminists really do hate men, and that's not the original definition of feminism.


Tattling Troubles: Fostering Kindness in the Classroom

Do you have tattling troubles? No matter how many ways I have tried to cut down on tattling it always seems to creep it's way back into my classroom. This year is no different. I have decided to take a different approach this week and focus on KINDNESS. Kindness is the key!


"When i meet people in different parts of the world, I am always reminded that we are all basically alike. We are all human beings. Maybe we have different clothes, our skin is of different color or we speak different languages. That is on the surface. But basically, we are the same human beings. That is what binds us to each other. That is what makes it possible for us to understand each other and to develop friendship and closeness." --Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama