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Peace In Hindi

#SikhArt Pita Kalu ji holding Baby Nanak Pita Mehta Kalu ji looks at newly born Baby Nanak’s face, in a peaceful and serene trance state, holding him in his hands for the first time. In this painting, I wanted to paint a portrait of Mehta Kalu ji, keeping the main focus on the father, while also showing the light of Guru Nanak Dev ji and his divine arrival on earth. Share & Spread to appreciate this spectacular piece of art!


The word “Shanti” in Hindi means peace. It is a beautiful Karuna® symbol, for me personally it denotes why exactly people come to Reiki: To heal the past, release the future and create harmony in the present. This symbol is very useful for manifesting the best possible results. It works beautifully for various purposes when combined …


tao te ching. Be Like WATER... flow! Be like the Willow tree...BEND! Be like are complete in this moment, and nothing is needed to be who you are... so just BE!


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Science Bros Headcanon #08 Bruce enjoys peace and quiet as much as he loves the loud music Tony plays in the lab.  When Tony is out at a function or on business, Bruce will often crank up the music to ear splitting levels. He doesnt always listen to the same music that Tony does and has, on occasion, been caught dancing around the lab to Hindi/Bollywood music and other less than classic rock songs. The worst one was getting caught in the bathroom singing Girlfriend" into a hairbrush and Tony…


Everyone, regardless of skin color, ethnicity and creed are equal. We are all judged upon our faithfulness. #BeautyOfIslam


Have you been holding in hard feelings about someone? It's time to let that go and heal your heart by trusting Allah.


namaste...As taught to me by my ex-landlord from India "Namaste" means "Hello." He taught me some phrases in Bengali and Hindi(Sanskrit is not spoken much anymore, Bengali and Hindi is.). It has beautiful, heartfelt meaning behind the greeting, you touch your forehead and join your hands together at your heart, it represents giving your mind, heart and soul into your greeting.