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Hope message bracelet or Peace message bracelet (many colors)


Lady Gaga Protests the Presidential Election With a Peaceful Message

Semi-Fitted Peace Message T-Shirt

The Official Peace Clothing Store. We are Freethinkers who stand for an Anti-Religious and Peaceful Earth. Women's and Men's Hoodies, Sweatshirts & T-Shirts.


Peace Message (plantable)

Plantable Corporate holiday cards on seeded paper ~ Peace Message by Green Business Print. Send your message of peace. Use these words or customize it with your very own!


Prem Rawat's Peace message is more than words. He also offers a practical way to experience Peace within.To know more visit: WWW.WOPG.ORG ¤¤¤ WWW.THEYPI.NET


Saginaw homicide victim Stone Roberson's friends and family express sympathies via social media sites

Word of Roberson's death quickly spread throughout Facebook and Twitter. There were more than 100 RIH (rest in heaven) and RIP (rest in peace) messages left on Roberson's Facebook wall by noon, most of them saying they were in disbelief over his death.