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The Pearson PLC (Pearson PLC) is a British multinational media group with headquarters in London. It is the largest company in the field of education and the largest book publisher and the strongest sales Verlagsgruppe world, [2] the market leader in the UK, India, Australia and New Zealand as well as each second-largest publishing group in the United States and Canada. Logo


With a growing number of companies operating in as many as 20 countries with different native tongues, the majority of the world’s business conversations now take place between non-native English speakers—in English. This standardization of English as the de facto language of business has opened up incredible opportunities, but most businesses face a huge skills gap.

Pioneering Service Design & UX programme Design Safari showcases design journey of IBM, Pearson PLC and Skyscanner

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A pioneering programme partnered by some of the best-of-class, design-led organisations in the UK takes place this September in the first instalment o

Sector SPDR ETF stops advertising with Pearson plc publisher of Islamist biased text books and promoter of Sharia compliant banks and a principal author of Common Core standards.

According to NASDAQ, on December 18, 2015, Pearson (PLC) stock closed at $11.06 per share-- its lowest since the effect of the financial crisis of 2008. Pearson was last at around $11 per share in ...