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Pedicure At Home: Healthy feet are conventionally known to be the symbol of a well-groomed person.Here are some home tips for Pedicure.

10 Beach-Ready Pedicure Ideas That Don’t Require An Art Degree

an affair from the heart: DIY Pedicure at Home - Listerine Foot Soak - Callus Remover

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How to get a perfect pedicure at home. Luckily Mary Kay just came out with a new pedicure set to help out with these steps :)

Here's a sneak peek at what #manicure and pedicure color combos your favorite beauty bloggers will be wearing this spring! I've never heard of some of these brands!

18 amazing D.I.Y. mani/ pedi tips. Ypu know, for in between visits.

Nail Art Ideas are something that we all hunt for these days, since nail art has become the next raging fashion. Here are 12 simple nail art ideas that even a b

Nail Whitening Trick. OP says: Having white fingernails doesn’t always come naturally. Something that I learned while in esthetics school, from someone that I was practicing pedicures on, was how to whiten your fingernails with Polident.

Our Favorite Pedicure Colors Now: Daily Beauty Reporter : Why, hello there, open-toe season! (We thought you’d never come.) After what felt like a never-ending streak of cold weather, leggings, and boots, this week marked the big unveiling of our toes (yay!). I prepped by getting an Easter-egg-inspired pedicure...

Homemade Lemon Salt Scrub did this today with my mama :) it was lovely. perfect at home pedicure

10 Beach-Ready Pedicure Ideas That Don’t Require An Art Degree - Cute! Love fun pedis.

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Must remember this look for my next pedicure.

The Perfect Polish Color Combinations for At-Home Summer Pedicures - From It's Always Ruetten #Julep

Nail art on toes look very pretty and chic, like the way they do on the hands. The procedure of doing designs of nail art on toes is almost same as on the hands.

Seal your pretty pedi nail art design with a clear top coat and enjoy your gorgeous high shine pedicure for weeks!

add a tablespoon of sugar to a tablespoon of Baby Oil Gel and mixing it up to make an incredible hand and body scrub. It smells fantastic, it makes your hands as smooth as silk.

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Manicure/ Pedicure in a jar....... this would make a lovely bday present for lots of girls I know ......

Valentine's Day Pedicure - Red with Hearts...sure cute! I need to get a mani/pedi some time in the near future!

having my own pedicure station in the house would only call for having my own personal manicurist and pedicurist. (: I THINK YES

Summer Foot Soak: 1/2 Cup Vinegar 1/2 Cup Listerine 1 Cup hot water Just combine it all together and soak your feet for about 30 minutes. Rinse your feet and towel dry. Your dead skin just falls off and your left with soft summer feet.

  • Erin Hett

    I did this and it didn't really work. I don't have a lot of dead skin either, I just wanted to spruce them up for a trip I am going on tomorrow. My opinion: don't waste your time : (

  • Julie Archer

    They will turn blue!

  • Nicki Burgan

    I tried this tonight and it was an epic fail! I wasted vinegar and mouth wash and my feet feel no different than they did before! Totally disappointed!

  • Tami Smith

    Don't use the blue Listerine it makes your feet turn blue and I still had to file the dead skin off my feet. A pedi is a better ides.

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Before you book your next pedicure appointment, here are six seriously important things you need to know.

  • Michelle Dainus

    Fearmongering at it's best. Use common sense, know where you are getting services done.

  • Southern Living - In Tennessee

    The importance of sterile equipment.

  • Stephanie Unruh

    Amie Merritt Gross! Good for you for leaving. That's why I do my mani/pedis at home, may not be perfect or professional, but at least I know where my tools have been.

  • Amie Merritt

    Good for those who may not know. I went to get a pedicure and after another client left all they did was rinse the tub with water and wiped it with a towel. I left immediately.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda treatment RECIPE (check my personal blog to see if it really did turn my nails/cuticles whiter)

10 Beach-Ready Pedicure Ideas That Don’t Require An Art Degree

OPI Dulce de Leche: Love this color! My signature nude, neutral, and natural polish for the office. Chic and classic!

These toe nails ROCK. They're like little mirrors at the end of each toe. Makes me want to run out and get a pedicure!