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Pelvic Floor Exercises Infographic | Everything you need to know about keeping your pelvic floor toned, supple, strong... + functioning! #PelvicFloor #Core #PostPartum

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What are the Best Pelvic Floor Exercises to use After Having a Baby - We know they're important but what can you do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles other than kegels? Quite a bit actually! Here are 8 great pelvic floor exercises that can be used right after you have your baby.

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How to Restore your Pelvic Floor

How to Restore your Pelvic Floor. Great post for those just after having a baby, in the postnatal period. For those experiencing incontinence around menopause.

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The Secrets of the Pelvic Floor

If you've never had your pelvic floor released, consider hunting down an integrative structural specialist: It's a weird sensation, for sure, and generally reveals a shocking revelation. While you might assume that this muscle web that acts as a "hammock" for your undercarriage would be stretched out (particularly if you've had kids), it's generally the opposite. on

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9 Bladder & Pelvic Floor Mistakes You Might Make Daily #kegel #PelvicFloor

4 Yoga Poses To Help Beat Your Sneaky Leak

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4 Essential Moves To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

These pelvic floor exercises will reduce your risk of incontinence, improve your sexual health, and boost your core strength and stability.

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3 Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises all women should do

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3 Fast Fixes For Your Pelvic Floor

Learn 3 simple ways to improve pelvic floor health and help cure the root causes of incontinence and pain.

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