Love this quote but yes, I am a homeless romantic. I would rather a penguin pebble on the beach more than anything else. It's all about the meaningful little things in life that mean so very much.

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@Savluvsu14 Download the app Mercari and use my code WJAVNA to get 2$ worth of Mercari Credits

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penguins of madagascar smile and wave boys. I'm pinning this because I love the show more than any sane 21 yr old should...

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Did you know that when a penguin finds it's mate they stay together forever? Will you be my penguin penguin quotes - Bing Afbeeldingen

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A little reassuring penguin. It’s hard to really figure out what you want from your life, and if you don’t know, you’re not alone. I honestly had no clue, and even after narrowing it down to a field of study, I still have no clue (what kind of job? a big/small company? where?). The most important thing is that you think about it, and I hope that your experiences guide you closer to what you want. ^^

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