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One pinner says.....This is real. I saw a chevy 79 K-5 take a tumble down over and


Per diem travel, lodging and meal expense rates broken down by zipcode. Good to know for pricing travel expenses when shooting weddings out of town.


The Moorings - Islamorada, FL


Per Diem by One Little Bird @ TLP, love the grey-teal color sheme here together with the pops of neon yellow! So amazing and looks like you could scrap many photos with this kit!


download per diem rates for EVERY COUNTY! Thumbnail for shortcut to Travel Resources page

from Karma Per Diem

Chocolate Covered Cherry Fudge

Holiday gift/treat~ chocolate-covered cherry fudge

from The Lazy Genius Collective

Your Success Doesn't Equal My Failure (Even Though It Sometimes Feels That Way)

Start comparing yourself to other people, and life starts getting stupid.  That friend who just got a book deal? Hooray for her! And also crap. That brother who just got a raise and a promotion while you wear the same yoga pants three days in a row? Hooray for him! And also crap. That co-worker who's been paying her dues for years and finally got chosen to go to the big conference in San Francisco with a glorious per diem while you drink cold breakroom coffee. Hooray for her! And also…

PCS - Per Diem Rates Query for conus & oconus. Dependents over 12 get 75% of the service member amount for food and under 12 get 50%.


Traveling and need to know the per diem rate? Then check out the GSA's Per Diem Mobile App, it's free to download and keeps the per diem rates at your finger tips.