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Perfect Gif

This gif of Niall and Harry is perfect [gif]<<<Perfection<3

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This gif may sum up Colin and Bradley's friendship perfectly. Bradley looking to Colin for confirmation, Colin just looking like he's going with the flow. Tumblr

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We’re Celebrating Benedict Cumberbatch’s 36th Birthday With Our Favorite .Gifs!

Benedict Cumberbatch 36th birthday .gif gallery Sherlock Emmy nominations 2012

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Okay this may be my fav gif I've came across on Pinterest like ever lol.

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First Gerard... then Mikey in the background.. the perfect gif.<<<<the way brothers are so freakin sassy I love them

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Books can really take you to a whole other world. It's amazing. Bravo to whoever put this together!

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The greatest gif in the history of gifs. Avengers meets Sherlock! Now somebody needs to get Frozone's wife and her endangered evening in here.

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Why couldnt I have been born in 1993? Just had to be 1998.... Here's Mr.Horan being all perfect(: (gif)

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We are the supernatural fandom. You can run, you can hide, but our gifs will always find you.

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button up your shirt you're giving me pain. wait no it looks sexy like that

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