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Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic table with a fun twist! Student's always ask what is so-and-so element used in? This poster shows the answer to that question, making chemistry relevant. #chemistry #periodictable #scienceisfun

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Free Printable Periodic Table of the Elements (11-page Set of Worksheets)

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Triblend I NAP PERIODICALLY Periodic Table Baseball Tee by Periodically Inspired (Vintage Black w/ Dark Heather Sleeves) ~ UNISEX

Triblend I NAP PERIODICALLY Periodic Table by periodicallyinspired

The Joy of Chemistry — A Unit in Photos

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Print-your-own elements cards. There's a card for every element, with a picture on the front and words on the back. Also included are twelve two-sided chemical group cards and five two-sided key cards (symbol key and color key). Great idea with other free printable elements and elements charts

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Organizing the Periodic Table Worksheet

Help your students understand how the Periodic Table of Elements is organized! Students will have to correctly label the different parts of the periodic table using the following words: actinides, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens, lanthanides, metalloids, metals, noble gases, nonmetals, and transition metals. Answers are included! $

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