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A 3D Printed Peristaltic Pump

A 3D Printed Peristaltic Pump | Hackaday


Want to learn how to measure the flow of liquid with Arduino?


2016- In contrast to current elutriation methods, cells are injected directly from a bioreactor into an injection loop, allowing the introduction of a large number of cells into the separation chamber without stressful centrifugation. A low pulsation peristaltic pump increases the stability of the elutriation chamber. Using this approach, a large number of healthy cells at each cell cycle phase were obtained, allowing their direct inoculation into fully instrumented bioreactors…

Peristaltic pump LAMBDA PRECIFLOW - pumping mechanism - Peristaltic pump - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Lacava Bathroom Products | ZOOM | Electronic Faucet & Soap Dispenser -- Electronic lavatory faucet (item # EX10) for cold or premixed water. Power via battery or 9V transformer. Recommended mixing valves sold reparately: EX20 or EX25. Electronic deck-mounted touch-free soap dispenser (item # EX05). Power via battery or 9V transformer. Peristaltic pump allows the use of any brand of soap, sanitizer or lotion.