When an application to replace a cottage was rejected, RCKa found that an anomaly in permitted development rules provided the key to giving its clients the home they wanted

If you want to site a garden office within 2m of the boundary it needs to be no taller than 2.5 meters

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Dual pitched roof garden offices should be no taller than 2.5m high at the eaves and 4m at the ridge. They also need to be sited at least 2m from each boundary

Permitted development rules for home extensions have been relaxed until on 30 May 2016. This means you can carry out certain building works without having to make a planning application. Find out more.

http://www.prlog.org/12371265-guide-to-permitted-development-rules.html What is Permitted Development? How to get Permitted Development? Read more @ http://www.drawingandplanning.com/residential-planning-application/permitted-development/permitted-development.html

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