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Persian or Ottoman 16th century turban helmet, steel with inlaid silver. Original intact camail/aventail ( (mail curtain protecting the neck and shoulders). Turban helmets are named for their large turban like form, they seem to originate from the 14th century with most surviving examples dating from the 15th to 16th century. The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD


According to Herodotus, the Magi were the sacred caste of the Medes. They organized Persian society after the fall of Assyria and Babylon. Their power was curtailed by Cyrus, the founder of the Persian Empire, and by his son Cambyses II; the Magi revolted against Cambyses and set up a rival claimant to the throne, one of their own, who took the name of Smerdis. Smerdis and his forces were defeated by the Persians under Darius I. The sect of the Magi continued in Persia...


Gate of all nations or Gate of Xerxes located at the ancient city of Persepolis. 70 km northeast of the modern city of Shiraz in the Fars Province of modern Iran. Xerxes, who built this structure, named it "The Gate of All Countries" during the Persian empire. Xerxes I is believed to be the Persian king identified as Ahasuerus in the biblical book of Esther.


USS Boxer in the Persian Gulf... The sixth USS Boxer (LHD-4) is a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship of the United States Navy. She is the sixth U.S. Navy ship to bear the name, and was named for a British ship captured by the Americans during the War of 1812.


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Pantea Arteshbod was a Persian commander during the reign of Cyrus the Great (559 - 529 B.C.E.). She was the wife of General Aryasb (Achaemenid Arteshbod). Pantea and General Aryasb were the commanders of the elite force of Persian soldiers who performed the dual roles of both Imperial Guard and standing army during the Persian Empire's expansion. The name “Pantea” means: “Strong and immortal.”


(Albizia julibrissin Durazz) Common names include "silk tree" or "mimosa" in the United States other common names it may be called include Persian silk tree, pink siris, Lenkoran acacia or bastard tamarind


Wool-felt Persian Slippers, SCA. Provided "how-to" construction @ under my name as the PDF author.