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Religion: This is the "Far va Har" Symbol. It is also known to be the Zoroastrian symbol


Stone plaque amulet. Near Eastern. Neo Assyrian, Neo Babylonian, and Persian. 7th–6th century B.C., 699–500 B.C. | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Ancient Persian Symbols. The religion of the ancient Persians (Religion Spectacular)

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Ritual sacrifice, ancient insults and sacred fire: 2 million years of history – in pictures

Statue of Mithras Marble, 100–200, Rome, Italy. The cult of the god Mithras fell into decline in the fourth century with the rise of Christianity in the Roman empire. Influenced by Persian religion, it once had a wide following spanning the whole of the Roman empire. Here, Mithras, in eastern dress, pierces a bull’s throat while a dog and a snake lap up the flowing blood and a scorpion attacks the bull’s genitals.

One feature of Zorastrian temples, like this one, is a fire that never stops burning.


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Religion, Politics and Persia Persian culture and Zarathustra | the Parthian empire to the Sassanids | the Prophet Mani | Manichaeism scattered | from Shapur II to decline | Invasions, famine and a failed communist revolution Sassanid Empire Persian Culture and Zarathustra Under Persia's Achaemenid Dynasty (550-330 BCE), temples had appeared for the first time. The Persians were related to those Aryans who had invaded India, or a least they had a language closely related to these A

Amazing things happen when we have Sarb.

Ahura Mazda. the Iranian sky god, the Wise Lord, and god of order, depicted as a bearded man on a winged disk, was the principal god of the ancient Zoroastrians. He was one of the Indo-Iranian spiritual lords who also included Mithra and Varuna. Achaemenid Persians worshiped him as Ahuramazda, giver of kingship. Later dynasties worshiped him as a perfect and omniscient spirit. He came to be depicted in human form.