Beef Shawarma with Vermicelli Rice Pilaf - A simple shawarma plate just like your favorite restaurants, topped with tons of veggies! Perfect for lunches too! #shawarma #shawarmabowl #vermicellirice |

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Persian Rice 101 - How to properly soak and wash rice to get that perfect long grained steamed Iranian rice that everyone loves and covets. __ Tutorial by Fig & Quince (Persian Cooking & Culture)

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Make some delicious entrees with these simple recipes. You'll be the greatest dinner host.[ ]

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Persian Dill Rice • Baghali Polo. Delicious! You must love dill for this recipe. I added turmeric since I didn't have any saffron. I also halved the recipe and it turned out yummy. This rice dish is filling. I had it for lunch. Will definitely make again.

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Potato Tahdig - A classic Persian (Iranian) dish. One of the best things that I've ever tasted and an instant favorite from the minute that I first tried it years ago. It's potato-crusted basmati Persian rice with saffron, and some salt, cooked in canola or olive oil. A wonderful compliment to chicken or beef, mushrooms, or by itself.

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Orange Persian Rice substitute cranberries for raisins wash the rice repeatedly for fluffy rice!

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