Personal Preference (Korean). Another lighthearted romantic comedy with a little gender confusion in it


Personal Taste *honestly, i didn't like this drama in the beginning, but then it got so good. Lee Min Ho is again awesome. what i liked the most about the drama, that the main female character was just a regular girl, not very attractive, just regular, had a regular job, there was nothing to make her extraordinary, only her self. she's real, that's what i liked*


I wouldn't go so far as to say this .. but, I still vow everytime that no matter what, the writers will NOT be able to make me like her in the end......but they always do !


'Personal Taste' is one I really need to watch again. I feel depressed now that we don't get any Lee Min Ho for two years so I need to rewatch something of his and this one is amazing!


Personal Taste ♥ Starring: Son Ye-jin as Park Gae In ♥ Lee Min-ho as Jeon Jin Ho ♥ Kim Ji-seok as Han Chang Ryul ♥ Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee ♥ Jung Sung-Hwa as No Sang-Jun ♥ Jo Eun-Ji as Lee Young-Sun ♥ Bong Tae-Gyu as Lee Won-Hu ♥ Jeon Jin Ho is my favorite Lee Min-ho character so far. He is kind, loyal, and trustworthy ♥ Favorite quote: Park Gae In, "I'm going to trust you. Even if you use me or hurt me again, I'm going to trust you, because I don't want to break up."

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