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Pet Poison Hotline

from The Bark

12 Houseplants That Are Dangerous to Dogs (and Cats!)

This inforgraphic is a good reminder that we should consider our dogs when picking plants for both inside and out. According the ASPCA, their poison control hotline receives around 150,000 calls annually from pet owners needing assistance with possible poison-related emergencies. This inforgraphic is based on a list of toxic plants from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine's most common causes of emergency calls and Texas A&M ’s “Common Poisonous Plants and Plant Parts ”.


Info from the poison pet hotline~ Tomato Plant ~only the green parts are toxic and in large quantities... Aside from that, the Pet Poison Hotline is a great number to have handy, as well as, this website...Never hesitate to call them, if you have a question about what your pet just got into! Who knows it may just save your pets' life❣❣❣


Pet First Aid Tricks - Numbers You Should Have On Hand With any luck, you'll never need to use these first aid techniques, but just knowing what to do in an emergency situation can help to reduce your panic level. You can also reduce your stress levels by making a list of important emergency phone numbers: -Your veterinarian -The closest emergency veterinary clinic -The ASPCA Pet Poison Hotline: 888-426-4435 Program these numbers into your phone, and post them to the refrigerator for…