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July 20, 1893: Born, George Llewelyn Davies. George was just 10 years old when his friend (and later guardian) J. M. Barrie began writing "Peter Pan" and he and his four younger brothers were models and inspiration for the work. In fact, it was George who originally uttered one of Peter's most memorable lines, "To die will be an awfully big adventure." Davies died in action in World War I at the age of 21.

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Michael Llewelyn Davies (16 June 1900 – 19 May 1921) was – along with his four brothers – the inspiration for J. M. Barrie's characters Peter Pan, the Darling brothers, and the Lost Boys. Late in life, his only surviving brother Nico described him as "the cleverest of us, the most original, the potential genius." He drowned in suspicious circumstances with a close friend – and possible lover – just short of his 21st birthday.

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Duchess Sylvia Llewelyn Davies with Prince Peter & Prince Jack

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The birth on this day 25th February,1897 of Peter Llewelyn Davies, the namesake of Peter Pan. The author J M Barrie publicly identified him as the source of the name for the title character in his famous play Peter Pan, of The Boy who Wouldn't Grow Up. The identification as 'the original Peter Pan) plagued Davies throughout his life

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To live where Peter Pan was born... The house where J. M. Barrie wrote his timeless children's classic Peter Pan

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|George, John and Peter Llewelyn Davies in The Boys Castaways—a picture book made by J.M Barrie of the boys’ adventures during the summer of 1901.

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Michael Llewelyn Davies was one of a band of brothers author J.M. Barrie became friendly with before writing Peter Pan "“ if you've seen Finding Neverland, you already know that. Davies was the fourth of five sons born to Arthur and Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and although Barrie used them all as inspiration, especially for the Lost Boys, it's Michael who is thought to have been The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up himself.

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