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In 1968 Lila de Nobili designed Peter Wright's production of The Sleeping Beauty for the Royal Ballet. Most fondly remembered was the entry of the Fairies in the Prologue, each fairy wore a headdress of acetate birds floating & held between the sturdy wire circlet


Hypnosis therapy to look at spirit releasement, past lives, and life between lives by Peter Wright in Santa Barbara.

Wolf headdress and costume by Rostislav Doboujinsky and Lila de Nobili for Peter Wright’s Royal Ballet production of The Sleeping Beauty (1968)


Robert Downey Jr. as 'Peter Wright' and Marisa Tomei as 'Faith Corvatch' in Only You (1994)


Pictures of the day: 31 December 2015

Peter Wright of Scotland in action during his third round match against Dave Chisnall of England on Day Twelve of the 2016 William Hill PDC World Darts Championships at Alexandra Palace in London