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Double-Sided Phonics Phase 5 Story Stones You can find me on facebook


Phase 2,3 and 5 Wall Chart - Pop over to our site at and check out our lovely Letters and Sounds primary teaching resources! letters and sounds, phonics, phase 2, phase 3, phase 5, poster, large poster, phases poster #literacy_resources #letters_and_sounds


Phase 5 Roll It Spell It

There are four picture boards in total. Board 1 - ay,ou,ie,ea,oy Board 2 - ir,ue,aw,wh,ph Board 3 - ew,oe,au,ey,a-e Board 4 - e-e,i-e,o-e,u-e Each board has a ? section where there are a mixture of pictures from...


Easy egg flip game for teaching sight words. Say the word and child flips over the word when they find it. Adapt for phase by sound talking a word and child find word or word with particular sound in. by Abbey Saunter


Phase 5 Alien Words Board Game

There are five boards in total with approximately 11 words for each sound on each board. So lots of practice. Board 1 covers: ay/ou/ie/ea Board 2 covers oy/ir/ue/aw Board 3 covers wh/ph/ew/oe Board 4 covers au/ey/a-e/e-e