Go wild and get creative with making your own stylish feather wreathes. They will last for years! For all your crafty feather needs visit our site: http://www.thefeatherfactory.co.uk/categories/small-feathers/36/

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Pheasant Feathers in antique silver. I already have the perfect old silver pitcher, that I got a great deal on, I will be buying some pheasant feathers soon! Thanks G for reposting this idea, so I can DO IT, lil sis...it will be on the piano in our dining room.....

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Chapterfriday.com talks about "Framed Feather Trends" for DIY home decor. These female ringneck pheasant tails have amazing markings. http://www.featherplace.com/feather-types.html

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Pheasant Feathers "I love the amazing colors, textures, and silhouettes of pheasant feathers, especially against the antler and tigerwood twigs. Best of all, it will last through winter because it doesn't need water!"

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