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Philippine economy posts 7.1 percent growth in third quarter -

The Philippines at the head of Asia's economic growth: Following Duterte's election to presidency the Philippines' economy has grown by 7%…

3 March 1898 - - Fernando Primo de Rivera, Governor-General of the Philippines, informs the Spanish government in Madrid that the U.S. Asiatic Fleet has orders to attack Manila, capital of the Philippines, in the event of war. - 1897 Silver Philippines Un Peso Reverse


World Bank: Boosted spending can expand Philippine economy - The Seattle Times

(Chapter 5) Informal economy in the Philippines consists of independent, self-employed small-scale producers and the distribution of goods and services in the area. Workers within this informal sector of labor are not covered by the country's labour laws/regulations. In the Philippines, 38.3 percent of employers are informal employees. Nearly 2 out of 5 of the workers don't have access to social protection and are at more risk during any emergency/crisis. The ILO is working to improve this.