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Phoenix Radio Stations

NE7X - Radio Shack - Phoenix Arizona USA Clocks and maps for walls. Comfy chair. Lots of shelf space.


{Patrick Stump} Phoenix Benzedrine, 24. He loves his life; working as a music producer in the morning to singing and playing in a band at night. It was the perfect life, he had many friends and he was friendly to everyone. It was a normal day until he woke up stuck in 1950 with no idea how he even got here. He tried to figure out how to manage until a woman helped him. He now works at a local radio station as a broadcaster, annoucing every song and playing songs on the radio.


Raj and Charlie "I'm not dying, I'm sick." "No, you're not sick, you're dying." "What do you know?" "I'm your doctor." "You're a radio station host!"


Phoenix 95.5 Radio Station did this beautiful tribute to Glenn Frey. Love it.


Playlist from KRUX radio station, Phoenix, Arizona, 1966

At 93.3 KDKB, Phoenix Radio Station Interview

Phoenix Radio Bali | The Hottest Radio Station in Bali ~ Be What You Wanna Be Not What Others Wanna See ~ Radio listeners needs during prime time hours. | Jackie Morales, radio personality of 101.5 jamz, during her show on the Phoenix radio station (photo: Nicki Escudero)


McCain mulls reelection bid in 2016

Sen. John McCain said Tuesday that he’s not dismissing a reelection bid for his Senate seat in 2016. “I’m seriously thinking about maybe giving another opportunity for you to vote for or against me in a few years from now,” McCain said to Phoenix radio station KFYI-AM, according to audio posted by The Washington Post. “I’m...