Want to help your child or students master magic e words? This post has links to over 50 free printables!

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Looking for reading games for kids? You can make each of these 10 games in less than 15 minutes!

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Word Family Spinners - simple, fun activity to help preschool and kindergarten kids sound out word families

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Word Recognition 1: Teacher prints sight words on flowers, students use fly swatters and slap the word when a teacher or students calls it out. Website: You Clever Monkey

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Try these free games for teaching beginning blends! I love how they start simple and get more challenging.

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Fun grammar game introducing contractions! Play a game or two of this Superhero themed Contractions Memory Game!

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I love how simple these games are for teaching CVC words. Just print and play! Awesome to use with other short vowel activities.

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Activities: Play Beanbag Letter Blend Toss Toss the bag, say the sound. Could also say a word that has that sound in it.

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Musical blending - decoding real and nonsense words (whole group phonics game)

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Freebie! I have, Who has? Printed this game out and can't wait to play! You can make it a whole group activity and "assign" different sounds to different students!

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LEGO Word Family Sorting ~ Don't just sort words on paper! Sort them with DUPLO LEGO bricks. They are hands-on and very colorful! | This Reading Mama

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Sight word snakes and ladders! Just type in your own words and it gives you a customized game for FREE.

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Phonics Gameboard | Classroom Freebies | Bloglovin'

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So many variations...outside sidewalk chalk, the kids are the cars...

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Classroom Freebies Too: Consonant Digraph Sorting Activity - great game for the phonics learners this year

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Phonics #1 This is such a great idea for teaching and practicing phonics! You simply take McDonalds fry containers and paint popsicle sticks yellow to represent fries. Then you simply have the students put the fries into the correct container. It is a lot of fun for students and they look really cool in your classroom.

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Phonics game- rearrange the sounds around to make the word. Sounds made from plastic plant labels!

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GREAT, FREE digraph board games. Plus, a link to initial consonant AND initial consonant blends games as well....also FREE.

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Musical READING Chairs... best idea ever!! Soo many great word work activities and ideas on this blog post - read it all!!

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Floating ping pong balls phonics Awesome idea and easy to do. Good for IP play time

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These sight word activities are fun alternatives to flash cards. Plus, they're low prep! I love easy sight word games.

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A Phonics Game: Alphabet Dominos - free printable phonics game

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This activity is great for guided practice, independent practice, a center, or a partner game. Enjoy! :)

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