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NASA's latest image of Earth is impossibly beautiful

This is the highest ever resolution photo of the earth ...


Photo: LMC - N49, or, Supernova remnant . N 49 , or, Stellar shrapnel, is the brightest supernova remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud, approximately 160,000 light - years from Earth. It has been assessed to be roughly 50,000 years old. The latest pictures of N 49 by the Chandra X - Ray Observatory have revealed a bullet - shaped object traveling at about 5 million miles an hour away from a bright X - ray and gamma - ray point source, probably a neutron star with an extremely powerful…

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Envisat's Breathtaking Photos of Earth from Space

Envisat's Breathtaking Photos of Earth from Space, I've always wanted a large version of a satellite photo to have as art in my home


There have been many different eras or epochs of the world which is now known as Earth. Much of what is believed today by science is believed in part because they see the physical world as being in a constant or peaceful way. Read more.....

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60 Stunning Satellite Photos of Earth

Bogda Mountains - The Turpan Depression, nestled at the foot of China’s Bogda Mountains, is a strange mix of salt lakes and sand dunes, and is one of the few places in the world that lies below sea level.

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Stunning high-resolution photo shows Earth's many hues

New ultra high resolution photos of Earth showing many shades of colours and hues, shot by Russians...