The journey is long and hard, but at the end you breath in, be complete and start a new journey.


Photographs of Sunsets as Reflected through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright. Such a creative photography idea! #photography #sunset #mirror #creative

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DIY and hacks for photography. 1. All you need is a white business card and a pair of scissors (knife, sharp edge, nail etc). Make two cuts on the other end of the card and install it to the metallic hinges of the integrated flash. You might even consider an angle near 45 degrees. :)

reminds me of when i watched the village and in the beginning there were trees just like this

October - I used to love fall, and somehow, I must still. I just do not want winter, which I also used to love.... but it hurt me so....

black & white photography -repinned by San Francisco photography studio #portraiture

Looks like off our old bulkhead :) Beautiful and sad all at the same time.

Who doesn't like a swing.. I kinda like the wood swing with a chain. rope or chain hmm

Hi Guys, it was this kind of thing I was thinking of for the posters, thought it would clearly show both the mature and childlike aspect of our idea to show the difference in technology use between generations.

Senior pictures on road. Road senior pictures. #streetseniorpictures #seniorpicturesonaroad #seniorpictureideasforgirls

Learn How To Use Your DSLR Camera With This Easy Photography Tutorial!

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Ooh a could, lemme just pull out my spare ice cream cone and #instagram it :)

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Canon & Nikon shooting modes: side-by-side comparison of each option on the top dial and explanation of what it does

Shutter Speed: an overview | Boost Your Photography

Check out Optical Illusions in photos! We think #1 is amazing!

Photography. at its best. best. photgraphy. amazing. (I would have wiped down the glass and waited for the air bubbles to settle for a crisper feel.... but still beautiful!)

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photography hacks

A girl blowing a handful of colorful shiny glitter at the camera