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6' Backdrop Backbone - Wall Storage System

The Backdrop Backbone - A Photography backdrop wall storage system. Please email me at to place an order. System costs $75 plus shipping for a 6 foot system that holds a minimum of 20 backdrops. Thank you You can also order on etsy

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| Photography backdrop storage | I have tried several methods, none of which I cared for. I finally had the bright idea to hot glue small clamps to a board (purchased at Home Depot for somewhere around 29 cents each), screw the board to the wall and clamp each drop that I roll print side out. This makes it easy to view as well as organizes my inventory and gets them off the floor. Easy up, easy down and clients always comment how great it looks.

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3-in-1 photography backdrop stand. i need one of these!! i think i feel a weekend project for the hubster coming on... :)

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Using Paper Photography Backdrops

Uses wallpaper for backdrops. Due to the depth of field, the fact that the background is fake doesn't show. interesting.

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REALLY???? cheap seamless holder- and to think I just spent $170 on two paper holding systems.. Grrrrrrrr - why didn't I think of this???

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