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Photos Of Lord Krishna

GOVINDA "The Gayatri mantra is the very vibration of Lord Krishna’s flute. When the sound of Lord Krishna’s flute entered through the ears of Lord Brahma then it came out of his mouth as Gayatri mantra."


Queen Kunti prayed: O Lord, no one can understand Your transcendental pastimes, which appear to be human and so are misleading. You have no specific object of favor, nor do You have any object of envy. People only imagine that You are partial. —Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 1.8.29


This spiritual art and science of devotional service is the highest contribution of the Indian sages to the rest of the world. (EASY JOURNEY TO OTHER PLANETS, P.41.)


Lord Krishna appeared in this world on 19th July 3228 BC (or 8th day of the dark half of the month of sravan or in Rohini Nakshatra, 8, 63,874 years 4 months 20 days of Dwapar Yuga). Shree Krishna married Princess Rukmani- Laxmi . Lord Krishna manifested His earthly pastimes for 125 years. He returned to Spiritual world on 18th Feburary 3102 BC and this is the date of the start of Kaliyuga- the current age (millennium which lasts for 4,32,000 years).


✨ SHRI RADHA ✨Artist: Hari Om“O Shrimati Radharani, I offer my respects to You whose bodily complexion is like molten gold. O Goddess, You are the queen of Vrindavana. You are the daughter of King Vrishabhanu and are very dear to Lord Krishna.”


"Unless one is transcendentally situated, it is not possible to cease from sense enjoyment. The process of restriction from sense enjoyment by rules and regulations is something like restricting a diseased person from certain types of eatables...But one who has tasted the beauty of the Supreme Lord Kṛṣṇa, in the course of his advancement in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, no longer has a taste for dead, material things....automatically."