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Check out our list of 10 things you should include in a very first piano lesson and add these ideas to your tool kit of teaching knowledge.

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Things you need to know about group piano class lesson planning. Learn more #grouppiano #pianoteaching #musiceducation

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When parents register for piano lessons they aren't hoping to increase family battles. It's definitely in a piano teacher's best interest to create peaceful practice by sharing these helpful strategies #EndPracticeWars #PianoTeachersForPracticePeace #HappyPianoTime

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Diagram of scales on the piano.Great for students to use when working with intervals, scales, chords etc

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All you need to do is print out this free sheet, send it home, and ask your piano kids to complete all 16 piano challenge tasks before the summer is over. If you are teaching during the summer, this is a project that can continue on in the background. If you take a break in the summer, this is something that can keep your students engaged in music during their time away from lessons. #BammoPlanningDone #KeepThemOnTheBench #NoSummerSlump #CoolFunPianoActivities

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If you feel like you're racing from one activity to the next... and never have enough time... this post will show you how to schedule your lessons so you can stop stressing! Click the image to read more.

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Here's a printable you can use to prep your piano students for "The Big Day" #recital #piano

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