Picasso made these fractured, disjointed paintings by “analyzing” an object or scene from every angle, and then painting a single composition that combines each viewpoint. This early style of Cubism is actually called Analytic Cubism.

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Woman sitting in an armchair, 1941 Pablo Picasso I like the use of the shapes and the use of the bright colors in this painting

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Pablo Picasso, el desorden posee un orden establecido, que nos da la idea de que hay algo hay que se puede apreciar.

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Crying woman (1937) by Pablo Picasso. Qué profunda tristeza siento al contemplarlo! !!

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Picasso & Cubism : Art, Design. Cubism is a art form that is recognized as the first abstract style of modern art. The Beauty of cubism in art and design is that is neglected the idea of having a perspective and it shows the idea of many different viewpoints from one work of art.

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Picasso - strings and scrolls Ik vind het een interessant schilderij. Er zijn koude kleuren gebruikt en er is een licht- donker contrast. Het is abstract want hef is niet realistisch. Wel zie je dat het met muziek te maken heeft.

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Analytical Cubism Paintings | Disciples be damned. It’s not interesting. It’s only the masters ...

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