The Picti or ‘painted ones’ was probably a Roman nickname for the emerging Caledonian tribe of northern Scotland, although their lands would eventually include much of Scotland.

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Pictsish Standing Stone, Scotland. The Picts were an ancient tribe, given the name by the Romans. The name means Painted Ones; even the Romans were scared of the Picts.

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Broomend of Crichie, Aberdeenshire~ A stone within a henge monument, with other standing stones. This one was used by the ancient Picts as an emblem stone, carved with a crescent and V-sign, and strange creatures. (Copyright All rights reserved by tina negus)

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Pictish female warrior with a definite attitude problem. Contrary to eighteenth century French artist's imaginative art, the Picts did not run around the windy and cold highlands in their birthday suits. From the movie Centurion.

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Galloway Picts | Galloway Picts. Early med. kingdom south Scotland

Celts, Picts...The Iron Age took place in Scotland around 700BC ...traded...celtic knotwork and decoration which is still admired today...the celts loved to decorate metal work and wore colourful clothes and jewellery. ...Romans called [them] 'Caledoni'...their land Caledonia. The Picts, known as the 'painted people' were one of the celtic tribes who inhabited Scotland. [So] Named by the Romans, ...The Picts left little evidence behind [except]... Pictish names: [Ex] Pittenweem…

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Kenneth I "Macalpin" King of Scotland (810 - 859), my ancestor, overcame the Picts and created a united country in the north of Scotland. This was the beginning of Scotland as a nation.

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The Picts were a group of Late Iron Age and Early Mediaeval Celtic people living in ancient eastern and northern Scotland.[1] There is an association with the geographical distribution of brochs, Brythonic place name elements, and Pictish stones.

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