My sister will understand how a picture of a badger can be funny. Totally laughing (but my car isn't).

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Moon Gazer, delightful felted picture of a badger cub gazing at the moon, mounted ready to frame by GardenGalleryDerbys on Etsy

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#Cashs coventry silk #woven vintage #framed picture of a badger, View more on the LINK:

If anyone actually manages to sneak a stuffed badger, picture of a badger or even a printout of a backstage badger on stage, I will come up with some sort of prize. XD (Take a picture during the performance and send it to me!)

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Situated in a building near the Pacific Ocean in Venice, California, the Del Monte Speakeasy has been serving booze (legally or illegally, depending on the year) since 1915. During the Prohibition era, the bar (which is still underground) was located below a grocery store.

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Wolverine - a picture of an animal that hardly anyone has seen - see other pins related to the story of MI's wolverines (lack of)

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And then it was 2013. All I can say is, whew! Last year was a year of ups and downs for me, or to use another tired old phrase, 2012 was about trying to stay afloat. There were plenty of good things,...

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