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Casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 God bless you Rebecca. Ly


"Head of Christ" by Richard Hook. This is my most favorite picture of Christ. I don't pray to or worship icons or pictures, but this lovely portrait hung above my grandmother's kitchen table for 30 years and I received it after her death. Not many paintings of Chirst portray him as the rugged and strong carpenter that He was. I am always touched by the mixture of strength and love portrayed in His eyes.


God is always with us though the Holy Spirit once we ask Jesus into our heart. Being born again doesn't mean we won't have troubles in life, yet it means God is always with us ready to help us once we pray & ask for his guidance. I love this picture...let Him help you...His way is so much better than ours ever is...because He loves each one of us...

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Love these pictures . . . 10 different pictures of Jesus with children. Precious!

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Akiane's Prince of Peace Portrait of Jesus ( painted by 8 yr old child of atheists who had never seen a pic or heard of Jesus but met Him in visions and dreams).Colton Burpo (approx 3year old child saw Jesus in near death experience, but could not recognise him in pictures. When he saw this one he said, "That's Him!" quoted in the book HEAVEN is for REAL.


A Priest’s Visions Of Heaven, Hell And Purgatory. | One Million Who Say The Rosary Daily