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خمسة و ثلاثين سنة فرق بين الصورتين الاميرة ديانا في عام 1981 وحفيدتها الاميرة شارلوت الزابيث ديانا عام 2016 35 years is the difference between the two pictures of Princess Diana in 1981, and her granddaughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana 2016


Charles Spencer: " it is a point to remember that of all the ironies about Diana, perhaps the greatest was this---a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting was, in the end the most hunted person of the modern age."


Such a lovely soft picture of Princess Diana, the last princess. She was an aristocrat, haling from one of England's oldest noble families, the Spencers. She was an authentic Princess. Today there are so many commoners turned princesses that it takes away from the whole magic of it all. Diana was the real deal, miss her greatly!


I try to not pin pictures of Princess Diana that have copyright words across them. Always annoys me. But this one was too cute not to pin.