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These Beginning Sounds Sorting Mats include 26 unique sorting mats, one for each letter of the alphabet. In these activities, students sort pictures by beginning sound. For example in the "A" mat, students sort an ant, apple, abacus, anteater, alligator and ax into the mat.


coloring pages for every letter filled with things that start with the letter - could be a good starting point for a lesson


Beginning Sounds Snowman Sort FREEBIE (CCSS) from Sparkling in Kindergarten on - (11 pages) - Match capital letter (snowman head), lowercase letter (snowman middle part of body), and picture (beginning sound - bottom part of snowman) for each letter of the alphabet.


Alphabet Picture Dictionary for Writing Center

This alphabet picture dictionary contains 4-12 pictures to go with each letter of the alphabet, a color words page and an additional page to add your own words. The dictionary comes in a full size which is great to put in a binder or folder for a writing center or writing station.


Freebie Kindergarten ABC match - Letter naming is definitely at the top of my Kindergarten list of things I want my students to retain. I created this fun game of upper and lowercase letters (notice they also have a beginning sound picture to increase that sound fluency, as well).