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WWII Shopping and Food, England-This poster encouraged people to save peelings and food waste for the 'pig bin'.


Old Abe, the American War Eagle, was the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Regiment in the Civil War. Old Abe was in thirty-nine battles during the Civil War including Fredericktown, and the Siege of Vicksburg. Old Abe was not just a mascot, but became a patriotic symbol for the entire nation


The Pig War between the US and Great Britain. 'While the Americans dug in, the British conducted drills with their 52 total guns, alternately hurling solid shot into the bluffs and raised rocks along Griffin Bay. It was all great fun for tourists arriving on excursion boats from Victoria, not to mention the officers from both sides who attended church serves together aboard the Satellite and shared whisky and cigars in Charles Griffin’s tidy home.'


BRITISH WW II From waste paper to munitions of war..What kind of items were recycled during the War? • Tins and Metal - For aircraft and tanks, weapons etc. • Boiled Bones - To make glue for aircraft and glycerine for explosives. • Kitchen Waste - For feeding pigs, goats and chickens. • Paper - for munitions. • Rubber - for tyres.16


detail of "Chippers in a Shipyard" [Shipbuilding. Three Women Working], 1942. - WWII propaganda photo USA, women war workers


Five perfect little piggies for a quarter war contest for school. The teacher with the most quarters in their piggy at the end of the week kisses a…


GI is armed with the M-60 Machine gun IN 7.62 X 51mm with extra ammo each man in the squad or platoon carried extra ammo for the M-60 better known as "THE PIG" to GIs