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Girl with Passenger Pigeon. The extinction of the Passenger Pigeon had two major causes: commercial exploitation of pigeon meat on a massive scale and loss of habitat. Another significant reason for its extinction was deforestation.


Learn how to raise young pigeons, or squabs, for highly desirable meat./

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Chicken Lettuce Cups

Chinese cooks don't use a lot of raw vegetables, but instead prefer to stir-fry or braise them. There are a few exceptions, however, and in Hong Kong cooks fill crisp iceberg lettuce leaves with savory minced pigeon meat. Since we have no intention of domesticating the pigeons outside my New York City apartment window (pigeon meat is hard to find in the United States), we've substituted chicken in this recipe, which tastes equally as delicious. Chuck all the filling ingredients in a food…

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Bisteeya - Found this on my favourite Martha Stewart blog. Cant wait to make it!


Moroccan Bisteeya Serves: 6-8 Source: Adapted from several sources, including Wolfert's Couscous and Other Good Foods from Morocco, and Claudia Roden's New Book of Middle Eastern Food Notes: True bisteeya is made with warka pastry, not filo, so if you have a source for it, by all means use it instead. Alternatively, Wolfert gives a technique for making it yourself in her book. Also, though bisteeya in Morocco is usually served with pigeon meat, this recipe uses more commonly available…


The story of the Passenger Pigeon is a tragic extinction story. As recently as 200 years ago they weren’t anywhere near extinction. In fact, they were actually the most common bird in North America & some reports counted single flocks numbering in the billions. Pigeon meat was commercialized as cheap food, which led to a hunting campaign on a massive scale. Furthermore, due to the large size of their flocks, the birds were seen as a threat to farmers. The last Passenger Pigeon died on…


Pastilla - Moroccan sweet and savory meat pie. I had this at a great restaurant in Philly some time ago and it took my breath away. Now I need to learn how to make it for myself :)