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Small creatures like bunnies often rely on teamwork to help them out of sticky situations. Here we have two bunnies working together to escape the cage that their owner’s so rudely put them in.


Easy Remedy for Piles Eating Guava for few days completely cures Piles. One to two Guavas a day is enough to bring about the healing. The healing time varies from person to person. The patient should also switch to vegetarian diet during the course...


Herbalists used the plant as a treatment for piles, lung diseases and persistent coughs. The juice from the boiled leaves of houndstongue was mixed with pigs grease which created an ointment and was said to cure baldness and used for sores and ulcers. By the end of the 1830s, doctors in England were using houndstongue as an antiaphrodisiac to combat venereal excesses.


A Guide to Spanish Cured Meats

Serrano Ham: the renowned Spanish take on prosciutto — a dry-cured ham that's sliced thin enough for the soft fat to melt on the tongue — cures in salt for two weeks, and then is stored in towering piles for upwards of two months. The resulting ham, flat and dense from the pressure of being stacked, is sweet and fatty.

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11 Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids (Piles) Plus Recipes & Application Tips

Whether you are new to this or have dealt with hemorrhoids for years, you know the despair that they bring. And while hemorrhoids don't pose a serious threats to your health, they are damn uncomfortable to experience. Some quick FAQ: Why do hemorrhoids happen? Hemorrhoids are v


An old flue-cured tobacco barn in Eastern North Carolina. I can remember having a tobacco barn constructed like this (I suppose with hand cut timbers and mud) on our farm. The barn was close to the "Pack House" where we took the cured tobacco off the sticks and put it in piles to take to market.


Hemorrhoid Coconut Oil - Top 28 Natural foods to Cure Piles - Home Remedies for Hemorrhoid