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In 1912 Piltdown Man hit the headlines. Evidence of the evolutionary 'missing link' between apes and humans had been found, in England. For the next 40 years this momentous discovery influenced research into human evolution. Then in 1953 Piltdown hit the headlines again, this time revealed as a hoax, a scientific fraud of shocking proportions.

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Mythtic Pizza and Cold-cocked Scholars

Piltdown man discovered! But these guys look so smart! ;)

Authorities at the British Natural History Museum announce that the skull of the Piltdown Man, one of the most famous fossil skulls in the world, is a hoax.

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Here's how a man faked one of the biggest archaeological discoveries in history

"Piltdown Man sets a good example of the need for us to ... look at the evidence…

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Piltdown Man: A hoaxer still pursued

Piltdown Man Hoax

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New study promises to lay mystery of Piltdown man to rest