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This proverb is the African version of the English proverb: "only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches". Meaning, it is the one experiencing the pain or pleasure who best knows what they are feeling. The only way we can understand fully what they are feeling is to "step into their shoes" i.e. to see things from the person`s viewpoint. By this I mean to empathize with the person. You see, empathy is different from sympathy. When you sympathize you only understand the person. But when you…

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15 Baking Staples You Can DIY In A Pinch

Just because you're missing half the ingredients doesn't mean you shouldn't make cookies.

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Being in luxury travel means I have now been fortunate enough to create my own enviable Instagram portfolio of photos, taken during our 5-star stays. While each experience still makes me want to pinch myself, there are memories from a handful of hotels in particular that I personally come back to for a daily dose of inspiration.

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Well, the next time my beading students ask me the meaning of gemstones, I can tell them some of these....

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Emotions Color- it's amazing how much influence colors have on us and our subconscious.

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RB - Please confirm that this is the style of drapery you want to go with. French pleat. The drapery panels will break on the floor, meaning they will be just ever so slightly longer than floor length. Thanks!

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