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Pink Eye Antibiotics

Soothe Pink Eye with Doterra Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil). Order online at:


This week, I cured a case of Pink Eye using essential oils, without antibiotics! Relief from itching was nearly immediate. Complete cure took a little less than three days, applying oils twice daily. Eucalyptis, Lavender and Melaleuca (tea tree) oils--purest quality from Doterra oils.

from Cultured Palate

Pink Eye - A Natural Remedy

This looks like a neat tip for treating pinkeye. Couple this with homeopathy and you'll beat that pinkeye without antibiotics and most likely prevent it from returning

from Dr. Axe

8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits and Uses

'8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits and Uses' -- I love Colloidal Silver. Cured my son's strep throat when 4 rounds of antibiotics could not. I've used it successfully for the flu and pink eye too. My current brand of choice is Sovereign Silver, though there are several other very good quality brands out there. Just do your research because unfortunately there are also several not so good quality brands out there as well.

from The Humbled Homemaker

Natural Ways to Heal Pink Eye

Don't spent money on doctor's visits or prescription antibiotic drops! Check out these natural ways to heal pink eye! These really work to heal pink eye!

from Mommypotamus

5 Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Colloidal Silver For Pink Eye


So the next time you or one of your littles comes down with dreaded pink eye... No need to go straight to the Rx antibiotics. There are a few tried and true natural remedies that actually work. 1st...