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How to choose eye drops for dry eye, pink eye, red eyes, allergies, etc. Plus: how to get eye drops in your eyes and not all over your face.

The Secret to Giving Your Child Eye Drops If you have ever had to give eye drops to a small child, you know how hard it can be. Ask you child to lay down and close his/her eyes. Place a small drop on the inside corner of the eye. The drop will slip onto the eye ball as soon as the child opens their eyes o r do it while they sleep


steep good quality chamomile tea. cool. put a few drops in eye a couple times a day for two days to cure pink eye


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Jaw-Dropping Makeup Looks Guaranteed To Inspire

If you do decide to go all out (hello Instagram Likes!), Anthony suggests getting three hues of your chosen color. Here, he started with lemon yellow all over, followed up with a deeper saffron to intensify the contour, then finished with a bright, white-yellow for a complementary highlight. Blend the color far past your usual comfort zone (who said it should stop at your brows?), add a touch of gloss to the eyes for maximum shine, and show the world a #selfie that's never been seen before…

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8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits and Uses

Proven Colloidal Silver Health Benefits Infographic chart | Dr. Axe (the healthy home economist doesn't recommend oral use, so there's always another opinion to consider. topical seems a safe route though.)