David Gilmour- And he can still blow your mind, take you to a different level of vibration--Pink Floyd

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Syd Barrett --- Founder member of Pink Floyd, lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter during the band's psychedelic years (1967-1968), providing major musical and stylistic direction in their early work.

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PROFESSIONAL MUSIC CRITICS and FANS AGREE!! “Wow.......it's like a combination of Blackmore...... Page......YES.....and Pink Floyd.....all rolled into one man.......thanks for sharing.......Pretty Cool!” — Michelle N., A Hard Rock Promoter Music Fan from Sun Valley, California USA. CLICK THROUGH the GRAPHIC. Add PINK FLOYD to your music and video collections today!! #GUITARIST #KEYBOARDIST

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Pink Floyd...just because this is a classic and really a must have on my wall....:)

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in my opinion, David Gilmour is the best guitar player in history. And in his hay day, he was the hottest.

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Pink Floyd's guitarist David Gilmour. Wonder if the rumors are true as to how he came up With those amazing guitar solos? Whatever it was, it was genius.

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Pink Floyd "Money Makers" Legendary guitarist "David Gilmour poses with his treasured vintage 1956 Gibson LP Gold Top / Bigsby. Ready to rock and roll beside him, awaits Gilmour's fully-loaded Arsenal!"

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