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Lotus Tattoo. The lotus pushes through the mud, the blossom growing in the mud, then when it finally makes it through, it blooms, showing everyone it's beauty.


Black and pink lotus flower tattoo - It’s nice that she added some characters below her lotus flower tattoo. I wish I could read it though #TattooModels #tattoo

from nenuno creative

70 Lotus Tattoo Design Ideas

A very beautiful tattoo of a pink lotus flower with falling petals. The petals are shown to be falling and cascading from the nape of the neck towards the bottom, part of the body which simply creates a wonderful illusion.

from Buzzle

What Does a Lotus Flower Tattoo Symbolize? We Have the Answer

The color of the flower also contributes symbolically, like the white lotus means purity and transcendence; pink lotus signifies the supreme One, the Great Buddha and Goddess Lakshmi; the red lotus expresses compassion and passion; blue signifies the supremacy of the eternal over the temporal. Read more at Buzzle:


This lotus drawing is the exact shape I want for my lotus tattoo. I love the complexity and the fullness in the petals as a line drawing. It's been hard finding a lotus with vertical symmetry. This with an om in the front center petal would be perfect.