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Medinilla - This little plant has won my heart - greenhouse is now stocked with them!!!

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Pink Caladium - ‘White Queen’

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Plant-of-the-Day: Pink Pampas Grass

Amongst the trees by the firepit will be the place to try some grasses next spring.

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It's called Medenilla magnifica, and those beautiful pink "petals" are actually bracts and what look like little pink berries are the buds of flowers that haven't yet opened.

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How to Grow Pink Lemonade Blueberries

'Pink lemonade' is an unusual pink-berried variety of blueberry that crops well in both cold and warm climates. It's an attractive shrub with showy white-pink flowers in spring and crisp red-orange foliage in autumn. It's deliciously sweet berries ripen in mid to late season. Self-pollinating, requires acid soil. Zone 4-8

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Pretty in pink...

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Coleus. Easy to root just in water, keep your favorites over winter, warm sunny window.

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Glowing Pink Protea flower

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Pink Pepper Brings Sweetness with a Mild Peppery Bite — Spice Intelligence

Pink peppercorns (a misnomer, as they are unrelated to true peppercorns) come from two plants native to South America: the Peruvian peppertree (Schinus molle) and Brazilian peppertree (Schinus terebinthifolius).

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