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Pipeline Jobs

from The Huffington Post

President Obama Is Right on Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Job Numbers

Foes Suggest a Tradeoff if Keystone XL Pipeline Is Approved


That is one really large rattlesnake - Odessa, TX area...on one of my pipeline jobs the guys killed 77 rattlers almost 1/day


Salesforce Wave turns vertical with new industry-specific apps When Salesforce introduced its Wave analytics product back in October 2014 it was mostly framed as a tool for managers to get a grip on the sales pipeline in a visual way. In a series of announcements today Salesforce made it clear that its taking Wave vertical with a variety of job-specific Wave applications. Since its launch muchlike Salesforce CRM itself Wave has grown froman application made up of a set of functionsintoa…

from The Salt Lake Tribune

Bagley Cartoon: Keystone Pipeline Jobs Bonanza

Bagley Cartoon: Keystone Pipeline Jobs Bonanza | The Salt Lake Tribune

from Afford Anything

How to Start to Create Passive Income - Part II

“I Want to Create Passive Income, But I Don’t Know Where to Start” — Part II


vintage pipeline welding pictures | Pipeline Construction - RitchieWiki