Swallow Tattoo Hmm...for me and the hubs since we fish so much? It isn't sailing but we've logged quite a few miles. And we're loyal to each other, another significant detail of the swallow.

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Momento Mori In the middle ages intellectuals in Europe called the Skull and Crossbones - Memento Mori - latin for remember you are mortal and remember you must die In its true esoteric meaning, it is a symbol of unimaginable power and spirituality. I recently acquired a forensic quality human skull and cross bones from an old friend and decided it was so cool that it would make a great ring! Painstakingly hand carved in wax and cast in solid sterling silver - .925 No two are exactly…

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Pirate Acrostic P = Prepared I = Informed R = Responsible A = Achieving T = Together E = Everyday S = Successfully

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Idea for camp devotional..I think it goes along well with our pirate/ treasure seekers theme.

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Printable Wedding Programs -- Hand Fasting Rope Ceremony Color Meanings -- Watercolor Wedding Paper Products -- Digital Download

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Moorish Pirate Ship | The Moors are the Original Navigators of the seven seas – guided by the North Gate Pole Star (Sirius

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Talk Like a Pirate | The Origins and Meanings of 12 Pirate Words and Expressions
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