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Pistachio Dessert

Pistachio Dessert Salad or Pistachio Fluff - whatever you choose to call it - it's delicious! |

  • TimetravelersShop

    I heard that I wonder why? We call it HEAVENLY GREEN FLUFF when we take it to parties as with most green things the adults won't want to try it the KIDS LOVE IT. They beg their moms to get the recipe..something funny about green food lol

  • Ronnie Dean

    Also called Watergate Salad!!!!!

  • Marlene Pomeroy

    I have to make this. My husband's mom used to make it for him years ago..

  • TimetravelersShop

    That is a Great idea kids love those

  • Debbie Reed

    It's fun to add the pastel marshmallows to this too.

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No-Bake Summer Desserts - Pistachio Dreamboat Dessert

Fluffy Pistachio Dessert Classic dessert! My mom had me make this when ever we had company over. I don't think it was the reduced calorie version they have here but it rocked. Sometimes I changed up the flavors: black forest-with chocolate pudding & cherry pie filling or vanilla pudding & apple pie filling.

Pistachio Dessert Salad or Pistachio Fluff - whatever you choose to call it - it's delicious! |

Creamy Pistachio Dessert Recipe ~ It's the perfect dessert for a hot summer day. Cool and creamy and full of pistachio deliciousness!

53 Amazing Pistachio Desserts (That headline is a trick. Because ALL PISTACHIO DESSERTS ARE AMAZING.) ....currently obsessed with anything pistachio

Today's My Best Creative Day: Pistachio Pudding Dessert

  • Barbara Haag

    Made this many, many times (for years), but used chocolate pudding. Have also made it with lemon pudding and pistachio. Any one of these three is fantastic!

  • Gina Curley

    This is a fabulous dessert! I have been making it for a few years, every where I bring it, it disappears!!!!

  • Lisa Marie

    Unfortunately no This dessert stays pretty fresh in the fridge for almost a week though .

  • paula macdonald

    can you freeze these squares?

  • Stephanie Hecker

    @can't wait to try this

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Pistachio Pudding Bars Recipe ~ It is super easy, and really tasty! Plus, it was the perfect dessert for St. Patrick's Day! Would be good with a different pudding on top, too. Less cool whip in the filling would make cream cheese stand out more.

  • marina milano

    This is AWESOME! Easy to make crowd pleaser. I did use 3 small tubs of coolwhip though.

Pistachio Pound Cake Recipe #Recipe #Food #Dinner

Pistachio Shortbread Dessert on

Rindy Mae: Pistachio Dessert aka The Next Best Thing To Robert Redford

Old Fashioned Pistachio Salad (Watergate Salad)

Baklava Pull Apart Bread - A rich, moist and nutty dessert bread layered with pistachios, walnuts, honey and cinnamon sugar.

Oreo Pistachio Dessert- 3 easy steps and only 7 ingredients!

Oreo-Pistachio Dessert... maybe I should make it for J for Thanksgiving? ;)

  • Mary Plourde Tripp

    Why wait until Thanksgiving? Perfect St. Patty's day dessert :-)

  • moeem

    You totally should. If you made this, he'd be putty in your hands!

Pistachio Cake- great dessert for St. Patrick's Day. ( I used sugar free yellow cake mix and sugar free pistachio pudding) came out perfectly!

Made this for dessert tonight after the bengals game. Use my family's recipe, but this is close. Use Heath Bars on top instead of the butterfingers that they list - AMAZING!!

Pistachio Layered Dessert. Really yummy really easy...not a huge fan of pistachio but next time will use chocolate!

pistachio-pudding-dessert - my grandma always makes this for xmas and it is SO good...

Pistachio Eclair Dessert: 3 c. cold whole milk- 1 pkg.(3.4 oz) instant pistachio pudding mix- 1 pkg (3.4 oz) instant French vanilla pudding mix- 1 (8 oz) frozen whipped topping, thawed- 1 pkg (14.4 oz) graham crackers- 1 can (16 oz) chocolate frosting...

Pistachio Chai Muffins | 53 Amazing Pistachio Desserts

Almond and Pistachio Cake | 53 Amazing Pistachio Desserts

St. Patrick's Day Pistachio Trifle- a quick and easy dessert made with instant pudding, cool whip, Sara Lee Pound Cake and whipped cream on top!

Pistachio Bonbons | 53 Amazing Pistachio Desserts www.marthastewart...

Pistachio Pancakes | 53 Amazing Pistachio Desserts